About Port Number UK

Port Number UK is your guide to porting your phone number between mobile network providers using a PAC code. Get the best deal and service while keeping your mobile phone number.

Mobile Number Portability is the ability to transfer your mobile telephone number to another network service provider or carrier. It is the right of any customer to keep their number, whatever operator they choose to use. It guarantees that customers can retain their mobile identity if they find a network that offers them a better deal.

New mobile phone offers and deals are becoming available all the time with better contracts, increased allowance for calls, texts and data, improved service coverage and cheaper costs. So you no longer have to limit yourself to just one network provider if you always want to keep your existing mobile phone number.

Your phone number is precious because it's the one your friends and family recognise you by, and having to change your mobile number and then update everybody can be a major headache.

You don't have to change your mobile phone number when you change network providers. Thanks to a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) it is now free and easy to take your number with you when you switch from one network operator to another. The whole process can take just a matter of days and is handled automatically for you by your new service provider.