How to keep and transfer your mobile number with a PAC code

Your mobile phone number is unique to you. So keep it when switching mobile network providers.

How to transfer my mobile number
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What is a PAC code (Port Authorisation Code)?

Porting Authorisation Codes (also known as PAC codes), are short alphanumeric codes, generated by your old mobile provider to authorise your new network operator to transfer your phone number over to them. They are free to request and valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

Keep your same mobile phone number and transfer it over when you change mobile network providers.

You can transfer your number even after you purchase your new mobile phone contract or SIM only deal. It is not necessary to have your PAC number before switching mobile network providers, as your number can be ported over at a later date.

What is a STAC code?

STAC stands for Service Termination Authorisation Code and enables you to switch mobile network providers plus get a new phone number instead of keeping and transferring your old number (as you would with a PAC code).

A STAC code is made up six numbers, followed by three letters (e.g. 123456ABC), and is generated by your old mobile network to give to your new network operator for the purpose of switching service providers.

Similar to PAC, STAC codes are free to request from your mobile network provider and are valid for 30 days from the day they are issued.