EE Mobile 150GB SIM Only £20 per month

EE Mobile have today released a new 150GB SIM Only deal which include 5G ready superfast data, unlimited call minutes and unlimited SMS text messages for £20 monthly on a 24 month plan.

In addition new customers can also get 6 months of Apple Music or BritBox (streaming British boxsets).

This EE Mobile SIM Only deal includes:

  • 150GB data allowance each month
  • 5G Ready for superfast speeds (on 5G phones)
  • Unlimited minutes for phone calls
  • Unlimited texts for SMS messages
  • 6 months free Apple Music or BritBox
  • Stay connected if your data runs out*
  • Gift spare data to your family members
  • Free EU roaming until January 2022
  • Only £20 monthly on a 24 month plan

*Stay connected if your data runs out allows you to never be out of data. If you use up all your plan's data allowance, you'll be automatically switched over to a slower speed to keep you connected at no extra cost.

EE offers great mobile coverage connectivity in more places throughout the UK.

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