O2 100GB SIM plus Amazon Prime Video only £20 per month

O2 have a limited time offer of 100GB data and Unlimited texts and minutes for only £20 per month, plus extra benefits.

With this tariff, you can choose to get six months free of Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music Unlimited, Audible, Cafeyn, Calm or MelodyVR. Take your pick when you place your order, or choose within 28 days in the My O2 section.

Also included is international roaming at no extra cost in 75 destinations, including the USA and Europe. You'll get a daily allowance of 120 minutes and 120 texts, plus your data allowance, which for this tarrif is 100 GigaBytes.

This O2 100GB deal consists of:

  • 100 GB data
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited SMS texts
  • Daily freebies and prize draws with O2 Priority
  • Free O2 Wifi when you’re out and about
  • Only £20 per month

Note: you'll need to select 18 months contract length to get this price, otherwise it's £25 on a 12 months contract.

Get 100GB data on O2 for £20 a month

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