Virgin Mobile 10GB SIM only £10 per month

Virgin Mobile are currently offering their 10GB SIM plan for only £10 per month (reduced from £16 monthly) on a 12 month contract. The £6 discount will continue after 12 months for as long as you keep the contract.

The monthly allowance on this plan:

  • 10GB data (with data rollover of up to 20GB)
  • Unlimited SMS texts
  • 5000 minutes for calls
  • Superfast 4G
  • Data-free messaging on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter
  • Data Rollover lets you can keep any unused data for the next month
  • Roam like home in 43 country destinations
  • Use your UK minutes, texts and data allowance in the EU at no extra cost
  • Free Wifi hotspots at over 3 million locations
  • Spending Caps - set a monthly cap to limit your spending outside your normal monthly allowances
  • SIM available in every size: Standard, Micro and Nano

Get 10GB for £10 at Virgin Mobile

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