Free easyJet travel upgrades with Three Go Roam

Three customers on a Pay Monthly contract (including SIM Only plans) can get free travel upgrades on any easyJet UK outbound flights, as part of Three's Go Roam benefits.

If you are flying abroad from the UK with easyJet, you'll have the option to drop off your cabin bags before going through security at the easyJet Plus Bag Drop, where you will also get priority boarding and priority delivery of your luggage on arrival.

This service normally costs £6 per person per flight, or £14 for a group of up to six people, but is available free of charge for each customer with a Three monthly contract flying on an outbound UK flight.

To get the Hands Free upgrade:

  1. Send an SMS text with the word UPGRADE followed by your easyJet flight number, date of travel and surname to 88555. An example text would look something like UPGRADE EZY123 16.06.2019 SMITH.
  2. You will then receive an SMS voucher from Three letting you know that you have been upgraded. Keep hold of this message, as you will need it on your day of travel.
  3. When you arrive for your easyJet flight, head to the easyJet Plus Bag Drop and present your SMS text voucher. The details in your voucher must match your flight details for it to be valid.

So with the holiday summer season fast approaching, take the hassle out of carrying your cabin bag through the airport and rushing for locker space, by going Hands Free. Simply drop off your cabin bag at the easyJet Plus Bag Drop and easyJet will do the rest. You'll even get your bags back first off the carousel at the other end.

If you are not yet a Three customer and are interested then don't delay as you will need to have had your plan for at least 30 days before you can take up this free offer.

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