Switching broadband from Plusnet Broadband to TalkTalk Broadband

Leaving Plusnet Broadband

How to switch from Plusnet Broadband to TalkTalk Broadband

Switching broadband services is as easy as it's ever been. You don't even need to contact your existing broadband provider to cancel, as TalkTalk Broadband will handle the switch directly with Plusnet Broadband on your behalf.

Once you have ordered your new TalkTalk Broadband service, you will be sent details of the switch. This will include:

  • the services that will be switched over.
  • the date or estimate of when the switch will complete.
  • any fees or charges if you are leaving before the end of your contract.*

* If you are past your minimum contract period (usually 12, 18 or 24 months) then there should not be any fees for leaving, other than your last bill before the switchover date.

You should also be able to keep your existing landline telephone number unless you are also moving homes or want a new landline number to replace your old one after the switch over.

Joining TalkTalk Broadband

How to switch to TalkTalk Broadband from Plusnet Broadband

Select the TalkTalk Broadband deal that best suits your needs based on your speed and usage requirements.

If you are only interested in activities such as browsing the web, online banking, shopping online, and email messaging then you don't particularly need a high speed broadband connection or unlimited data allowance.

However for activities such as music or video streaming and onling gaming, the faster the speed the better, especially if you have multiple people in the house using it at the same time. Also an unlimited data allowance is recommended to avoid extra charges.

You will also need to decide which minimum contract length to sign-up for. This will usually be either 12, 18 or 24 months. After which the broadband service will continue as before until you decide to switch again. As a general rule, the longer the contract period the cheaper the service. However keep in mind that if you decide to switch broadband providers before the minimum contract period is up then there is usually an early termination fee to pay.

Before your new broadband service is due to start, TalkTalk Broadband will send you the necessary broadband router equipment and easy to follow instructions to setup everything up.

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About TalkTalk Broadband

TalkTalk is a UK telecommunications company that provides broadband and landline telephone services to residential households across the United Kingdom.

With a focus on delivering affordable services without compromising on quality, TalkTalk offers a variety of broadband options as well as additional bundles such as inclusive phone call plans and TV packages, to provide customers with comprehensive solutions.

About Plusnet Broadband

Plusnet Broadband is a UK internet service provider (ISP) that is part of the BT Group. As a subsidiary of BT, Plusnet has a strong network infrastructure that provides dependable internet connectivity to both residential and business customers across the United Kingdom.

Plusnet offers a range of broadband packages tailored to various user needs, with competitive pricing, ensuring affordability without compromising on service quality.