Switching broadband from EE Broadband

Leaving EE Broadband

How to switch from EE Broadband

If you are switching between broadband providers that don't use the same Openreach phone network (i.e. a broadband provider that is mobile, cable or fibre only), you will need to manually cancel your broadband service with EE Broadband.

EE Broadband will confirm with you the exact date that your contract will end, and the amount of the final bill. Note that if you are leaving before your minimum contract term is up then there is usually an early termination fee for ending your contract early.

To avoid being without any broadband service during the switch over period, ensure your new broadband starts on or before the date that your old service ends.

Which broadband are you switching to?

Select the broadband company to join from the list for further instructions on how to switch between broadband service providers.

About EE Broadband

EE is a UK based mobile network operator and internet service provider owned by the BT Group, that caters to the connectivity needs of both residential and business users, offering a robust and reliable network across the United Kingdom.

EE Broadband provides a range of broadband services tailored to diverse user preferences, with various packages featuring different speed options, unlimited data choices, and bundled services such as digital video streaming, gaming, and phone offerings.